Rob's Interviews with Grazia and Cinema Mags

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GRAZIA: Rob "I believe in eternal love."

"I believe in eternal love. I know it sounds corny but my parents are my role models. They've met with 17 and they're still a happy couple.
I think that's romantic."

"I'm neither jolly or brooding. I'm a mix of both."

"I try to ignore the paparazzi. I got provoked by one during filming, I almost attacked him. One of my security guards said: "Imagine you wanna try and beat a Paparazzi but you don't hit him and 40 cameras are snapping that moment." (laughs) That convinced me not to hit that Paparazzi"

"Apart from the Paparazzi I am able to stroll around in London. It's easier & more relaxed than in New York. The Brits are shy, they let me be. I went to a DVD Store in London and there were Twilight & New Moon posters everywhere but no one approached me. It's almost strange when no one recognizes me."

"I've always been the little bland brother. But they're taking me serious now. It feels good. I'd love to have a little sister, so I can be the big brother."

"My family & friends are always there for me, no matter what's going to happen. A real partnership can stand the pressure by the public."

Note from littlemonalisa: It looks like they picked various quotes from the last weeks so I just translated the interesting/important stuff.

CINEMA MAG: Rob "I'm not a rebel."

Info about his movies & interview.

Note from littlemonalisa:I'm sure it's a new one because Scott Orlin always does exclusive ones for CINEMA. Posted are the important quotes with new infos.

"I immediately understood Tyler and felt a connection with him. The script didn't seem like a movie script, more like it was transfered out of real life"

"The structure of 'Remember Me' isn't very common. I like that. A lot of movies have the same plot, the character lives through a process, learns his lesson and is cured by the end of the movie. It doesn't happen with Tyler. I honestly think that everyone feels confused & lost in life at some point."

"Very romantic & beautiful until I got dumped. I was 19 at that time. (laughs) (About his first love)

"I don't have to rebel against something."

"I thought about becoming a singer because I had no talent for football." (Where did he stand with 12 years? Because Tyler lost his brother around that age)

"I'm still writing music. But it always depends which movie I'm shooting at the moment. I did a lot of music during 'Remember Me' because there's a lot of music in the movie. I didn't listen to a lot of music during 'Bel Ami', the character isn't involved with that kind of art.

"I'm teaching myself the violin right now, so I'm annoying everyone around me right now."

"It's the style of Van Morrison. I'd love to do some more music but it's difficult to arrange both careers." (describing his music style)

"It's a desperate love story. Remove all the vampire elements of the story and you still got the same story. Edward is a broken man and he'd risk everything.
Girls love that."

"Tabloids destroy the the art of acting. An actor loses all his mystic if people know too much about him. I think that kind of mystic is helpful to really enjoy a movie."

"I'm still able to go to places, where people don't know who I am. I've been to a pub in London and the waitress told me I'd look like the guy from 'Twilight' (laughs)

"I don't know how my career is going to develop. I'm trying to manage it but it's a lot more difficult than I expected. I had to discover that as soon as you become a movie star your enviroment changes. I'm still orienting myself."

"My idols are actors like Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Fassbender."

"The Academy Awards. I was so nervous but Hugh Jackman calmed me down. He told me to "just read the text and don't try anything else.".
I don't know a lot of people in that business so it was like a dream to be around so many celebrities."