Dakota Talks about Rob and Kristen

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With new opportunities have come new friendships. She and Stewart, called "Salt and Pepper" in The Runaways (a nod to their blond and black David Bowie-style haircuts), remain close.

"She's become one of my best friends," says Fanning, who first met Stewart after hopping on the Twilight franchise during New Moon to play bloodthirsty vampire Jane to Stewart's innocent (and human) Bella. They reprise their roles in the next installment, Eclipse, scheduled for release in June.

No longer the little kid

Walking into New Moon felt as nerve-racking as the first day of school, Fanning says, but Stewart quickly brought her into the fold. "I've never really worked with a lot of young people in movies, and this is one of the first times I've worked really closely with someone that's closer to my age than a father figure or mother figure."

The two spent the first half of that New Moon day figuring each other out. "And then we were in a tent on the set, and it had a heater in it and we were alone, and we started talking and we instantly connected," she says.

In a Runaways scene, the two kiss, something both approached with little fanfare. "I wasn't even nervous," Fanning says. "It just kind of happened. The way it's written in the script, there's no direction. It was something that happened, they were best friends. It was a different time back then."

On Runaways co-star Kristen Stewart: In the turbo-fast tabloid world, Fanning says Stewart has been pegged wrong. "She stays true to exactly who she is, but I do think sometimes she is misjudged, definitely, by some people as not caring or not wanting to do this, when in fact it's just the opposite."

On New Moon co-star Robert Pattinson: Fanning won't go near Stewart's off-screen relationship with co-star Pattinson. "I don't ever talk about that," she says, but she calls Pattinson a funny guy who is easy to work with. "I feel like if they're not going to talk about it, then I don't have a right to talk about it."

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