Hey UK Fans! Rob Will Be On GMTV On Monday- 3/29

Don’t miss Robert Pattinson chatting to Ben Shephard on GMTV on Monday

Robert Pattinson has revealed to GMTV that he would love to star in romantic comedy movies – but worries they are all rubbish!

Chatting to Ben Shephard in an interview to be aired on Monday 29 March, Robert said he’s keen to put away his Twilight teeth for something more light-hearted, but admitted he has never read a good romcom script.

Asked if he’d like to take a break from the world of drama and try a romcom, Robert said: “I’d love to, but they are always just so rubbish. I mean like, I’d absolutely love to do it. but I’ve literally never read a good romcom script.”

He continued: “I think it’s such a typical career choice for me, as well, to be honest. Like, if you do a big franchise thing – especially for English guys – you try and do a Hugh Grant part or something. Which I don’t think would be the best idea for me…mainly because it’s quite difficult to be Hugh Grant!’

The 23-year-old actor also expressed admiration for his “Remember Me” co-star Pierce Brosnan – who pretended to be his dad when they first met!

Describing the Bond star’s unique tip on dealing on being recognised in public, Robert said: “He does this great little thing where if there are people looking over in a restaurant, he’ll go and introduce himself to them.

“When he first did I, I was like, ‘What are you doing? You’re completely insane’. He also said I was his son in reality as well – which was the first time I met him!”

Don’t miss the full interview on GMTV on Monday 29th March. source
Rob in a romcom. Me. Dead! I catched Notting Hill again last weekend and I was imagining Hugh and Julia as Rob and Kristen. Well, that is just me.