Vacay Mode...And I'm all Mopey

Hey guys! I'll be on vacation for a week. Yeah, the thought alone is killing me. I think this is my family's way of "intervening" with my addiction, blogging, RobSten, Twilight, etc. Well, they can try, right? I will be posting less times than I usually do, please bear with me. This is an annual family thingy and for the first time ever, I am dreading a vacation. Being away from my pc and you guys, less than 12 hours will gonna be like hell. And its already me making me really sad.

I am just hoping that I will survive being away and not end up like a symptomatic drug addict after a few days. Though I cannot promise you anything- lol.

To all my girlies, thanks for the support at all times. You know who you are, my lovely little coven, K, L, and S. And my Twittah wifeys and pervy twin and friends. I will try very hard (very, very hard) to enjoy this break and be back refreshed and all geared up for Kristen's birthday. Normal blog mode will resume April 6. I'm already missin you loviees. Let the vacay pain start now.