Rob Will Take A Pub Over A Premiere

You won't see heartthrob Robert Pattinson spending money on extravagant homes or fancy cars or flitting from one red carpet to another.

"That’s not my scene," he told me at the recent BAFTA Award ceremony in London. I’m more than happy to do the normal things and buy the things I bought before all this madness kicked off."

In fact, the 23-year-old actor, known among British media as "Our Patz," said he was stunned to open the tabloids and find pictures of himself "buying underwear at my local store."

"These guys must be hiding in the rails or something," he said of the paparazzi. The star of the "Twilight" movies, born in West London, said, "I didn’t go into acting because I wanted to be famous, I got into acting because I loved the creation and the making of good credible drama. Fame is just an extra added on."

Back in London to film "Bel Ami" with "Kill Bill" star Uma Thurman, Pattinson admits that he is unsure of what to do at premieres and other red carpet events. "Although I like meeting fans and love the response from them," he said, "I’m far happier going down to my local pub, having a drink and sitting chatting to friends. That’s when I’m most relaxed."

Pattinson also expressed admiration for his "Remember Me" co-star Pierce Brosnan, known to audiences for many years as cinema's James Bond.

"You get to learn so much from these people," Pattinson said, "and Pierce has always been an acting hero of mine."