Rob On Set of Bel Ami Today- Updated!

Rob's hair looks just like at BAFTA's.
- Set is all covered up there is almost nothing to see..
- Tom Sturridge on the set (in leather jacket, very handsome tall and relaxed)
- Rob was wearing a top hat on the set.
- Scene being filmed: Rob was walking next to a girl, across the street, passed by a carriage and kept on walking. Repeated it 4 times
- The guards did a very good job. It was impossible to get close to Rob. He was taking pictures after the scene probably with crew or cast.
- There were NO screaming girls, they were really appreciative of the fact that they were allowed so close to the set, so everyone kept quiet.
- From Rhea: Rob is a cuite, and was concentrating on his part. They tried to film the same scene MANY times which was great
- Rob is filming with Kristen Scott Thomas on the street

Not from Budapest , taken from few days ago

All the info are from Rob's Hungarian Sitewww, and translation by @adrienmrsan.

source /source/RPLife