Summit Announces A Record Breaking $72.7M All-Time Single Day Box Office Record


FRIDAY NUMBERS: Summit Entertainment has announced that The Twilight Saga: New Moon took in $72.7M on Friday, setting a new all-time single day box office record.

Friday's number includes the previously reported all-time record $26.27M in midnight screenings. This one-day total is also not far below the $85M 3-day weekend estimate originally proffered by Summit and accepted by many industry insiders. Few expected the film to approach the $100M mark. My personal guess, which I made last Tuesday, was $110M. Based on the numbers already in, advance sales, and tracking polls, some are now predicting a $125M weekend. That wouldn't top The Dark Knight's $158.4M opening but would be the biggest non-summer 3-day opening weekend of all time. source