Starpulse Q and A With Kristen talked to Kristen. Here are some excerpts.

What's the craziest thing that you've had happen to you with the fans since starting this?
The funniest thing in the world just happened to me in Brazil. I've had a lot of really varying experiences. Some absolutely touching and overwhelming and daunting. Some just like crazy. Then sometimes they're really funny. I was in Brazil and me and Taylor went to Latin America this time and Rob was in Japan. That's just how it goes sometimes. We're sent all over and it means nothing who we're with. This guy was chasing after us. There was a huge crowd anyway but this one very persistent fella was like, "Where is Hobert! Where is Hobert!" I couldn't stop laughing and I felt really bad because he was distraught and emotional and I was like, "It's just Robert." It was really funny. I found that funny. Sometimes you get letters that are sort of reassuring when everybody is saying one thing about you. It's funny when you can actually relate to the fans on a human level and it happens all the time. People assume that's impossible.
So when that happens it's the coolest thing

How do you handle all the rumors that you're really dating Robert Pattinson?
It's just sort of the way our world is going. People are obsessed. There's an incredibly large group of people that spend most of their time considering other people's lives. It's strange to me. I can't have anything to do with it or else I step in and mess it up for myself and I can't even do it in a way that is complete. I just let it sort of fall by the wayside and it doesn't really affect me.
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