Rob In Greek Mag - Interview

Here is the trans­lated interview:

Q: How uncom­fort­able is it, being called the new Leonardo diCaprio?
A: I think it’s not fair, espe­cially to him. He was nom­i­nated for an Oscar when he was eleven years old or some­thing .I don’t con­sider myself to be his suc­ces­sor.
Q: Your face is now in every teenage girl’s room. How do you feel as a teenage idol? A: It’s inter­est­ing. I never thought I would cause such reac­tions to peo­ple. I never thought that pale skin can be con­sid­ered so sexy. But it’s funny. When I was in school, no one expected some­thing like that from me. How­ever, some years later, every­thing changed.

Q: Can you still walk on the street like a nor­mal per­son though? You could become the vic­tim of hoards of young girls.
A: Not really. Things change very fast in the big cities. When you’re in a restau­rant, it makes sense for peo­ple to gather out­side. On the other hand, it depends on how much you’re inter­ested in some­thing like that.

Q: You have a real pas­sion for music. You also wrote a song for the first movie’s sound­track. Have you left your music endeav­ors behind you or is there still room for rock music in your heart?
A: I’ve started play­ing a lit­tle bit more now. Dur­ing the shoot­ing of the third movie I wrote some songs. I don’t know if I’m going to do some­thing with them.

Q: You have a band, if I’m not mistaken?
A: Not any­more. I used to have a band when I was fif­teen. But music remains very impor­tant for me. I just don’t want to release an album now because it will be like Edward Cullen’s new album.

Q: So, is act­ing more impor­tant for you?
A: It is as impor­tant as music, but it is dan­ger­ous to give myself to both at the same time. I think it’s bet­ter to focus on one or the other.

Q: Is it annoy­ing being con­fused with your char­ac­ter, Edward Cullen?
A: You just have to wait and see how peo­ple will take you. If peo­ple still see me as Edward Cullen in 25 years, I think I might have to mur­der someone.

Q: How’s the ideal date for you?
A: I have no idea. I’m not at all good at dating.

Q: Don’t you go out on dates in Eng­land, like in America?
A: We don’t “go out on dates” in Eng­land. If you go out with a girl once, then she’s your girl­friend. Oth­er­wise, you’re a womanizer.

Q: So you’re monogamous?
A: Yes, one girl at a time!!!

Q: Many review­ers have said that Stephanie Meyer’s books are noth­ing more than a metaphor for sex­ual repres­sion. Do you agree with that interpretation?
A: There is a mean­ing to the story, even with­out try­ing to find the hid­den metaphors. I didn’t even know S. Meyer was a Mor­mon and it didn’t affect me at all when I learnt that.

Q: What are your favorite vam­pire movies?
A: I’ve always liked “Blade”.

Q: How about Jack Nichol­son in Wolf?
A: Jack Nichol­son in gen­eral. He is the rea­son I wanted to be an actor.

Q: How does it feel being in the com­pany of other estab­lished stars?
A: The truth is that stars don’t par­tic­u­larly impress me. But I meet them when I go to talk shows. That’s when I get ner­vous because I try to be funny and smart at the same time. I try to find the right joke for the right moment and, damn, that’s not even my job.
Q: Do you ever dream of vampires?
A: No. And to be hon­est I rarely dream at all. It’s annoying.

Q: Together with Kris­ten Stew­art you share the luck of hav­ing become famous with just one movie. How much have you bonded with her because of that?
A: It’s won­der­ful know­ing that you’re work­ing with peo­ple that are at the begin­ning of their career as well, cov­er­ing the same dis­tance. We are all at a very cru­cial point in our lives. I think we will never for­get the days of Twilight.

Q: Are you at all excited with all the new fame you have gained?
A: Some­times you give inter­views and you’re so tired answer­ing the same ques­tions over again and say­ing dif­fer­ent stuff. I gave 2 inter­views recently to 2 mag­a­zines and when I read them one after the other they made me look like some­one who wants to kill him­self. I don’t know. It will prob­a­bly take me a lot of time to real­ize what has hap­pened to me.

More of the Greek mag scans at Thinking oF Rob Thanks to them and also to Olia/Paranolia for the translation.