Robward's Left Mip Investigated

I just love it when all the Rob-crazy fans do this, because it only shows how passionate we are with our craziness. And thanks again to the wonderful people from ROBsessed because they already cleared the mystery of the left mipple-gate. Edward's left mipple (man nipple) also weirded me out in the Volterra scene. Anyway, here are photographic evidences that Rob has no problems with his left mipple, thank God!

See, its all perfection!

I believe Chris Weitz had an intended back story about this shirt tear, and the mipple being all weird, but the editing took the best out of it.

But while ROBsessed stopped the investigating from there, I made more rounds and here's what I found. The back story won't get passed the "girlfriend" - unnoticed haha. She was also on it...

Maybe she didn't like what they intend to do with her "boyfriend's" left mipple. Chris Weitz had a hard time convincing her, lol. And, Rob just stood there while his left mipple was being discussed upon, haha.

All the pics tagged are from ROBsessed. Thanks to Gozde for always clearing things that bother us when it comes to Rob. They are the GossipCop of our ROBworld!