RobSten and Disney Movies

Here is an excerpt of an old VanityFair interview of Kristen, where she talks about Rob, of course.

Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, and Bella share a very intense love in this film. How was it working with Robert?
Well, I basically cast him. We did one day of auditions and a bunch of guys came in. Catherine Hardwicke, the director, afterwards was like, "What do you think? This is such a hard choice." I was like, "Are you kidding me!? It's such an obvious choice!" It couldn't have been better. It was sort of perfect.

I'm sorry I just had to include that. Kristen talking about Rob is so natural for her... then. And now here is the cutesy part,

Favorite movie?
The Jungle Book. I love Disney movies!

And then remember Rob's answer from the recent Unscripted interview. The question was, if you could be pick the brain of any fictional character, who would you choose and why? And Rob picks Flounder then Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Do you guys think RobSten are Disney addicts now? If Rob influenced Kristen with his Van Morrison obsession, I'd like to think that Kristen's Disney movies are rubbing on the boyfriend... I just wish though that Rob's response was Mowgli. That would have given them away - big time! lol.

Rob's answer starts at 7:20