Happy Thanksgiving!

As a RobSten follower, we have lots of things to give thanks for this year and here are some of them.

Catherine, again, of course for casting them and playing Cupid.

Date nights in the Couve...

The Kings of Leon Concert in August.
Even during this year's VMA, even just for this single pic. Win!

And we will always have Paris... Le sigh...
Here's a special RobSten collage for you guys.Thanks Tish for the tip.

We can't celebrate Thanksgiving without RobSten vids.

Thanks to Gemamisas for these wonderful videos. Happy Turkey Day again, you all!
To all my special ladies who are doing this RobSten adventure with me.
You know who you are... you guys are the best. Cheers!
Btw, please do follow my special twitter friends KStewAngel and RobstenLovex xoxo.