Gossip Cop Updates: New Moon Sets 3 Day Box Office Record

GossipCop Vampires and werewolves are Hollywood’s new kings.

Sources tell Gossip Cop “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” has set a (non-summer) weekend box office record, taking in an astounding $140.7 million since it opened nationwide at midnight on Thursday.

The estimated international box office take for the three days is $258.8 million.

GossipCop clears yet another crazy, funny story!

Twilight star signs TV deal, screams the headline of an article today from the Daily Star, which goes on to say, “Robert Pattinson will sink his fangs into one of the biggest contracts in Hollywood history with a $500 million Twilight television deal.”

A rep for Summit told Gossip Cop exclusively that there is “no truth” to Pattinson signing a TV deal with Summit.

Haha, I don't think we need to clear this one out. It shouts rag stuff. Anyhoo, I think I found the real picture when Rob checked out a guitar shop in New York. You can still see the window display.

pic from mr.pattinson