Rob's Interview With - Spain

Thanks so much RPLife
1.- You once said that if there was ever a fight between Edward and Jacob, Edward would be the winner. Could Rob beat Taylor?
2.- There's something that intrigues me, if Jacob is in love with Bella, and he's also really hot, why do you think Bella doesn't like him? Could it be because he doesn't own a Volvo?
3.- Could you tell us how do you deal with going out on the streets and running into a lot of girls who are screaming how hot you are? Do you sign autographs for all of them or do you just run out of there screaming 'Jumanji!!!'
4.- Yesterday I was watching some interviews on YouTube and I found one that happened during the Teen Choice Awards in which Kristen was asked where you were. She said that you were probably in the bathroom looking in the mirror and playing with your hair. Do you really spend that much time on your hair?
5.- Could you tell us something funny that happened when you were filming this movie??
6.- A couple of hours ago I was live tweeting all of what was going on during the press conference. Aren't you interested in sharing your thoughts with your fans through Twitter or Facebook? The Jonas Bros, who were here yesterday, are already doing it.

Thanks to Dominique from Chile for the translation. Hi hun! Welcome to my blog!