Rob's Interview With InStyle Germany - December 2009

The 23 year old tries to stay as relaxed as possible in this tense atmosphere and grins apologetically, as if to say: Really not my fault. But it is. Because even as a man you have to ungrudgingly admit: Robert Pattinson just looks illegally good.


The important stuff at the beginning: Millions of girls are wondering if you are in a relationship with your co-star Kristen Stewart?
Honestly? I can understand that my fans are interested to know but I just want to say this: She's a wonderful co-worker. I haven't read anything that's been written about us in a long time.
Are girls afraid of you?
If girls are afraid of me? I hope so! When you don't have something dangerous, animalistic as a man you aren't a real man, are you? (laughs)

What kind of women do you like?
I like women that are a bit dark and that don't have superficial self-confidents.

Leonardo DiCaprio told me once that with Robert Pattinson there was finally a young man in the film business he could give his title "eternal romantic hero“to , do you accept?
He said that? Wow. It sounds stupid but do you know what? It is kind of cool. The guy has a great career and made the best out of his early success. In this respect I gladly step into his foot steps.

You are not only a talented actor but also a gifted singer. Your song “Never Think” is on the “Twilight” soundtrack. When will the album be releases?

I’ve been making music for some time. The director heard one of my songs and wanted it for the soundtrack. The whole music thing is a bit embarrassing for me. I once had a band, but now that I’m this popular it sounds weird: Robert Pattinson, the singing actor.

Fans are supposedly camping out in front of your apartment in Los Angeles. Can you keep up counting?

(laughts) They didn’t really camp there. And at the moment I’m not even there too often. But in the beginning they actually waited round the clock there. And they left messages on my car daily.

What were the messages like?
It started with: “Please don’t think I’m crazy but call me.” It built-up to “If you don’t pay attention to me, I kill myself. But I’m not crazy…”

Well, wherever you are girls are screaming. And you still seem to wonder about that?
I’m still wondering in fact. It’s completely crazy. I’m still surprised very time I see a real screaming fan.

Kristen Stewart said you change your clothes rarely. How long have you been wearing today’s outfit already?
I think from the belt upwards everything is new. Sometimes I really wear my clothes until I can’t stand the smell anymore.

Why don’t you change your clothes more often then?
I only have a few things I really like. And I’m always en route, away from washing machines. Why am I even telling you that? Ah, something else, I rarely brush my hair. My dad always wanted to brush my hair when I was little. I hated it. Now I sound like a complete freak. (laughs)
You’re driving an ancient car. Your apartment has been paid by the production company. Still everyone claims you’re always broke.
I don’t know why. It’s a mystery to me. I’m probably losing my money on the streets…

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Translation by German_Girl via Gossip Dance
Some parts seem new, some seem old. Oh well.