The Dating Styles Of Rob And Kristen. Another Kristen Interview.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may try to put on a tough, brooding exterior, but their mushy love lives tell a totally different story!

Nightlife expert and mixologist Somer Perez dishes EXCLUSIVELY on what the dating habits of R-Patz and K-Stew reveal.

“I think their chemistry is undeniable,” Somer confesses of the duo, who hit a slew of high-end NYC jaunts like Gemma, SoHo House, and MEGU while promoting New Moon. ”Their choice of locale for cozy snuggles tells us (the baited-breath public!) that they are ready to see and be seen together. Note to celebs: If you don’t want to be seen, stop picking the SoHo House as your snuggle nook!”

Rob and Kristen “went everywhere from Thompson Street to the Upper West Side,” Somer notes. “You don’t do that unless you’re courting someone through the city!”

Somer also loves their taste in meals. “Shrimp in mango sauce at MEGU … Hello! Yum.” She admits, “I don’t want to see them with anyone else [but each other]. Just seeing them holding hands in Paris or sipping wine at Gemma makes us all feel cozy and warm inside.”


Watch Kristen's face at 0:53, and now we know the reason why.
Here are the translation for the questions.
1) Well, it's obvious that Taylor is a pretty sexy werewolf but you're not in love with him. It's because Taylor doesn't have a Volvo?

2)You've been to Spain before. Tell us the differences between both visits. Have you noticed how the amount of Spanish fans has grown?

3) Who is more frightening? A vampire or a fan?

4) I don't know if you like Internet surfing as much as I do, but I found in Happing a really nice panties with Robert Pattinson's face in them. Would you wear any panties like these?

5)Can you tell us any funny anecdote that had happened to you while filming the movie?

6) A couple hours ago, I was posting in live through our Twitter the things you were saying in the press conference. Why don't you use Twitter as the Jonas Brothers do, who were here yesterday? Are you afraid of telling so many things to your fans?

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