Mariel Belanger, Taha Aki's 'Third Wife' Talks About Kristen

Mariel Belanger, is the Canadian actress who played the role of Taha Aki’s third wife in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Yes, she was the one who sacrificed herself so that her husband could destroy the female vampire that had killed her son (and half the village) in the flashback “History of the Quileutes” scene, as told by Billy Black.

QWP: Were there any memorable moments on the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that you can share with the fans?
MB: I spent as much time as I could on set and not in my trailer just so I could take in the whole experience. I got to watch Kristen Stewart as she mimicked my performance for the morphing into Third Wife part. She was nice, introduced herself to me. I felt welcomed by pretty much everyone I got to meet. I really enjoyed watching the stunts, it happens so fast, but when you’re on set – you know exactly how many falls and hits they take.

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It's sad that Kristen's scene wasn't included in the Eclipse DVD 'deleted' scenes. It would be interesting to see Kristen do the same scene. 

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