Breaking Dawn Update: The 'Humans' are Heading to Baton Rouge

The humans” have been tweeting away about heading to Baton Rouge. And there is only one scene we can all think of where the 'humans' are involved in Breaking Dawn... the wedding scene.

@michaelWelchAct (Mike) - "BRRRRREEEAAAKKKIIIING DAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWNN!! Thanks for keeping us in there Melissa! I’ll see you all later. Thanks for playing."

@justinchon (Eric) - "headin to new orleans right now…oyster po boys an gumbo here i come…oh yeah and breaking dawn"

@cserratoscserratos (Angela) - "Off to Baton Rouge."

Maybe there will be more tweets about them filming/rehearsing in the coming days...

More Updates!
Oh, but Booboo Stewart, our Seth, is heading to Vancouver for another film shoot, not BD mammarazzi1 "Had a great time in Seattle for the twilight convention. But now im off to Vancouver to shoot Haunting Hour."

This weekend we saw the Arsenal Park Set Up, with the green screen,  but reports say only the Volturis and other vamps were involved, the big 3 took their weekend off.

From PreciousMetals4Hubs wanted 2c set. Did drive by. Green screen is only thing left. guess it's back 2 the studio this wk." as of January 23, 7pm. Baton Rouge time.

via spunk_ransom

I was supposed to sit this one out but since lots of you are too-hot about the supposed filming of the wedding scene which might be happening sooner than we think, I'm giving  in. So, you can all discuss your excitement here. lol