'Cosmopolis' Update: Keira Knightley, Rob's New Co-Star?

UPDATES: Keira's name was removed  in Alfama Films' Cosmopolis site.  Let's just wait for official word.

Just to make it official. The Playlist announced Marion Cotillard's exit from the project. "Update: a rep for Marion Cotillard tells us she indeed had to leave the project because of a scheduling conflict. Perhaps that “conflict” is her upcoming baby (she’s pregnant), but either way, she’s not in the picture anymore."

EW-InsideMovies As for Cotillard’s replacement: Internet rumors claim Keira Knightley will fill the Inception actress’ shoes, but Knightley’s rep told EW that nothing could be confirmed at this time.

According to Alfama Films' (co-produces the movie) website, Rob has a new co-star in Cosmopolis: Keira Knightley

Marion Cottilard, previously linked to the part, announced just a week ago that she's expecting her first child.

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Paul Giamatti's name is taken out as well, uhmm. Another possible recast? 
Oh apparently, Paul Giamatti's name was never included in Alfama Films' site - it was just Marion and Rob click here for the previous Alfama Films site Screencap Thanks Tink!