Nina Dobrev Talks Twilight, Edward and Bella.'I love Edward'

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Estadao  In an interview with Associated Press by telephone Nina Dobrev spoke about giving life to two characters so distinct (and Elena Katherine) on The Vampire Diaries and told how this experience has been in this same interview she quoted Twilight and the love story between Edward and Bella check out:

What was your prior knowledge about the world of vampires? Read the books that inspired the series?
I have not read the books in the Vampire Diaries before the test, but knew about them, I did my research. I had read  Twilight books even before becoming a movie. And it's interesting because I love Edward and the love story between him and Bella. It's nice to experience something similar today.

You compare Elena and Bella?
I think the public can even compare them, but now I think they're so different ... Their personalities are different, their determinations are different. Bella does everything by herself and Elena does everything for others. But both are great in different ways.

Can you explain the recent spate of public through vampires?
Honestly, I do not know. Maybe it's because they're sexy, dangerous and angry. I just hope this is not an infatuation. I want people in love with them so I continue to work.
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Reminder: This is a translated interview. Some parts may be lost in translation.