New SWATH BTS Pics. SWATH in Best Movie -Italy. Scans and Translation

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Warning for Spoilers.

From Best Movie Italy February 2012. New BTS picture of Kristen, Chris, and director Rupert Sanders.

Can you find SnowStew? Thanks KSFranceCom

Best Movie also featured 'Snow White and the Huntsman' in their December 2011 issue Click HERE

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Yep, there she is.

In case, you didn't know... here's the handsome Prince William played by Sam Claflin

Scans kstewartfans via kstewartnews

Again, the article is full of spoilers...
First part translated by Fra
Snow White goes to war – Kristen Stewart in the most gothic fairytale of the year – against evil queen Charlize Theron

Once upon a turn (the title plays with ‘once upon a time’ and the fact that this is a new version, so I came up with this title lol)

Many of you must have wondered why on the cover is Bella of Twilight in a warrior-like armour. No worries, this is no medieval prequel of the vampire saga that is going to be another four chapter long but the new movie experience that sees Kristen Stewart working in the epic version of Snow White.
After visiting the set and having a preview of six clips, we decided to concentrate on what might be the first episode of a successful series.
What has Snow White got to do with this millennium’s hits? The thing is, feeling the end of the two greatest sagas (Bella and Edward’s vicissitudes and Harry Potter) is approaching, it was necessary to find another source of intriguing characters. The first to have the idea of a new version of the classic fairy tales in more adult and dark ways was Catherine Hardwicke, the first Twilight director, who, about a year ago, created a horror version of Red Riding Hood, where the protagonist is a girl who has to deal with a werewolf. The formula is having classic elements of the fairytale plus some gothic style that is so popular today and maybe some epic-fantasy look that is so in vogue now that we are waiting for The Hobbit.

The article goes on saying that 2012 will be the year of many ‘fairy movies’ – another Snow White, which, exceptionally, will not be dark but colourful, surreal and a bit grotesque, with Lily Collins, and Julia Roberts as the evil queen – and the article mentions many more fairy tales about to become movies. In the end, it says that fairy tales were born as oral violent, dark and mysterious tales with things such as the representation of Evil and the journey of the hero, which is full of obstacles to overcome.

Translation by @CSI_Robsten
The first scene shows us a spectacular fight in a forest bewteen two armies: King Magnus's army vs the evil queen's. In the impact against the king's knights, the dark soldiers are literally pulverized as if they were puppets. The scene is visually very effective, and it definetely drops us a hint at how much care they've put into special effects.
In the following sequence, we finally meet Snow White's stepmother Queen Raveena, played by a sensual and dark-charming Charlize Theron, who leaves us no doubt on who is really going to be the leading lady...also because she's the one who admits to completely putting herself in this role. << This movie takes me back to my childhood. I go on set and say 'this is my house , this is my mirror' and I feel like being 12 again. It's an ambitious project, but also very funny >>. In the scene we're watching, the queen is in king Magnus's luxurious bedroom, and after seducing him, she hands him a poisoned wine goblet before heart-stabbing him.
The mix of seduction and violence lets us guess that the movie won't be suitable for children, even if script and direction don't go to far, avoiding nudity and blood. But the emotional charge stays high...
Now it's time to meet her, Snow White. Let's get to know Kristen Stewart and see if, after years of Twilight, she'll finally be able to make us forget Bella Swan and surprise us with a convincing performance. We know we'll see her in different clothes from Disney's fairytales, in fact the princess in front of us dresses in practical and male clothes: leather trousers and boots replace long skirts and little shoes. She's lying on a bed in the corner of a cell; she looks exhausted as she tries to suppress anger and fear developed over the years of captivity. A blond guy (Raveena's brother) steps into the room with everything but noble intentions. Pretending to be harmless, the girl manages to escape and to lock him up in the cell. She does not win our heart like the evil Queen, but we already like this warrior Snow White, also because Kristen's enthusiasm is contagious. << It's a big-heart project, people who don't look at the outward appearance will like it. It's a simple story, but it strikes hard >>.
But now comes the highlight moment, the one that really makes us open our eyes. Raveena is in the hall of her palace (where we are now), standing in front of something we don't identify at first, but which becomes clear as soon as she pronounces 'mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairiest of them all?'. It's no longer the oval-shaped mirror with a bronze and engraved frame, but a shiny concave gold 'plate' which melts in front of our eyes, turning into this statuesque 'lord of the mirror'. A little digital marvel. Our viewing figure has now rocketed upwards.
The male main character, who's not prince charming as you can guss from the title, is still missing. It's another peculiar choice, which really intrigues us. But we're optimistic this time around, since it's Chris-talking six pack abs-Hemsworth. If you've seen Thor, you know who he is, even if Snow White herself tells us: << I cried filming a scene. I had to punch Chris but I put too much strength and he fell to the ground. I didn't expect that and I got so scared that I started crying>>. Sorry figures apart, will this huntsman be just a caveman or will he be able to give depth to the character? Looking at his first appearance (the scene of the trailer where he's dragged in front of the queen who asks him to bring her Snow White's heart), we're pretty positive he will be good.
The last scene takes place in the forest and introduces us to other important characters, the 8 drawrfs. Yes, you got it right. There will be 8 drwarfs. We still don't understand the reason of this modification, but it seems that the group will lose a member at the end. We find them sitting around a fire with Snow White and the huntsman, between whom it looks like there isn't yet the chemistry we expect. From his conversation with a dwarf we understand that the man is considering the idea of involving the girl in a so different mission: creating an army to attack Raveena.
What follows, among dancing, singing and jokes, presents another aspect of the movie: the comic and cheeerful vein brought by the dwarfs themselves with their cutting irony.

I didn't translate the introduction and the end, but only the main article, which is maybe the most interesting part.
Anyway here are some other bits:
- The journalists wonders how much importance prince charming will have in the movie, as they haven't seen him around the set (she saw Kristen and Chris fliming) nor anybody mentioned him during her visit.
- next to the picture of Kristen and Chris on the horses: 'their chemistry between looks great. Then maybe it's not a coincidence that Robert Pattinson's visit on set ended up with a fight between the two of them' (chris) -_____-
And I'm sure the last part was just added by the writer. lol