BD P1 DVD Extra Screencaps and VidClips


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Thanks to @epnebelle and @cybermelli
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Rob and the baby

More screencaps and vidclips ALL under the CUT

"Edward and Bella's Personal Wedding Video" are the characters speaking to B/E with their best wishes on their wedding and wedding footage." ImageBam image upload

More VidClips

BTS Kristen

Rob laughing Tay CPR

Kristen working with her dummy, birthing unit

Pregnancy 2

Pregnancy stuff

Sex Scene


More Brazil

Brazil 3

Brazil 4

Boat driving

Wedding vows

R/K giggling, bed scene

Rob biting fakeBella

R/K CPR Scene

Kristen dancing in Lapa

@cybermelli so, nikki stands there disgruntled looking during emmett's fake wedding speech. she never makes one. (nor does jackson)
Kristen stopping in the middle of the vows... "is it for better or worse or richer or poorer...?!"
engthy descriptions of how the costumer created wedding wear for every character... herrerra talking about the gown. i'm ffwing thru this.

@epnebelle K: "Go forward again." R: "I know how to drive a boat, alright?" Then Kristen literally straight up gives him the bitchface.