Another Q and A with Kristen's Double, Roberta. Talks about R/K interviewed Roberta Thaise, Kristen's stunt in Brazil. translation

KSBR: We've heard you mention many times that people thought that you and Kristen look alike. What do you think about that?
R: Kristen is so beautiful, her beauty is so divine that the fact that someone thinks that we look alike is a very huge honor.

KSBR: Did you take a picture with Kristen and Robert?
R: No.

KSBR: She commented to you something about you look alike?
R: No.

KSBR: Can you tell us something about the scenes?
R: All I can tell you is that the scenes are AMAZING. Wait for it. I'm sure you'll gonna love it.

KSBR: How did you react when you knew you were hired to be a stunt of a worldwide known saga, with thousands of fans?
R: I was flattered and very happy, I knew about the huge responsibility!

KSBR: At the end of shooting, did you feel that you could have help more than you helped or done anything differently?
R: Thank God everything worked out. I wouldn't have done anything different.

KSBR: How was your relationship with Robert and Kristen?
R: A proffessional relationship.

KSBR: Do you think Rob and Kris were enjoying Brazil?
R: Well, it's difficult to answer, but I think they enjoyed Brazil very much.

KSBR: If you could define Kristen by a word, what would it be? And Robert?
R: Kristen is lovely and Rob is humorous.

KSBR: You don't speak english. How did you communicate with the production?
R: Talking in spanish.

KSBR: What was your first impression of them? They look like a real couple?
R: They are the Hollywood's cutest couple. Kristen is very sweet and everybody can see that Rob is in love with her.
note: In the original interview, Roberta says Kristen is "amorosa" - meaning loving, different from 'very sweet'. Thanks Anon.

KSBR: Are you a Twilight fan? What did you think of Kristen before filming? And then?
R: I don't consider myself a Twilight fan, but a Kristen fan. And being able to know an idol is exciting. Now I want to see all the Twilight movies and I just bought the last book that I can't stop reading. I think I ended up being a fan after all.

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