Which Non-American Guy Would You Like To Bring to Thanksgiving?

Happy Turkey Day! Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the special people in your life, and this year we'd like to open up the table to some new guests who might not be familiar with our delicious traditions. Canadians Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling have their own version, though our neighbors to the North do things a little differently. Meanwhile, Brit Robert Pattinson, Swedish Alexander Skarsgard, Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal, and Spanish Enrique Iglesias may need to be introduced to what the holiday is all about. Buzz already picked out the TV families they'd like to feast with and now we want to know — which non-American Hollywood hottie would you like to bring to American Thanksgiving?

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via Twilightish

Not that he is available for Thanksgiving. lol I'm pretty sure Rob and Kristen are now thanking each other in their own way. har har. 
Seriously, I think Kristen is preparing some intimate turkey dinner  for friends and Rob is dutifully helping in the kitchen.