Rob's Double Talks about Working with Rob and Kristen

Raphael Martins, Rob's stunt double and stand-in during filming in Brazil, talked to EGO about working alongside Rob and Kristen (Google translate version):

"After shooting the first scenes with them at the Gloria Marina, downtown Rio, Raphael went with the team long to Paraty, Costa Verde in Rio during the five days of shooting on the beach bag Mamangu√°, it was he who replaces Pattinson markings on the scene and light measurements in the set. When all was ready, he emerged as a framework for giving place to the English actor.

“I had no time to talk with them. It was hard work, great scene, but noticed that he and Kristen are super friendly, cheerful and professional. When they were ready to film a scene with stunts we (he and Roberta Thaise, who replaced Kristen), had to follow their every move, even the makeup. Because if they needed to be replaced, we needed to be aware of everything, “said Raphael.

He was only released from filming the waterfall scenes. In this case they used a stunt action with experience in circus arts.“I believe he plunged from the top of the waterfall in place of Pattinson,” he said.“There were several directors. I watched how they work, as they direct the actors and it was very important to me. What also impressed me with the amount of boats and vehicles they had rented for the film. There were many! ”

source via RobsessedBR via RPN