RobSten Flashback: Rob and Kristen at the New Moon After Party - November 16, 2009

For new fans and for those of you who may have missed this - when it was first posted last year .
Giving in to Kylie and Blu's request. lol Thanks for your letter, 'dudes'.


From @DrownInIt Thanks bb. GMTA indeed! Love this!

FLASHBACK VIDEO: footage frm inside NM after party at 1:40 Over-invested body language analysis below ;)

You can see R/K standing near each other, each involved in their own conversations.

Some guy approaches TayStew and makes a motion to leave, he puts his arm on Kristen to tell her they want to go. Then she looks to see what Rob's doing and very quickly and subtly touches his back to signal she's ready to go.

He looks immediately but no other communication is needed and she waits and continues talking to Dakota while he wraps up his conversation.
Adorably, Rob is drinking a coke and anytime Kristen dances, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

We swear their intimacy and awareness of each other is something only seen in couples that have been together for a hundred years. Kind of awe-inspiring.

Bonus: you can see CamStew and TayStew stand up to hug Stella Maeve by the extremely phallic fixture toward the beginning of the vid. Once they sit back down, Kristen and Dakota are visible behind her.