Kellan talks Fashion and Music. Mentions Rob.

OK Mag Something else that’s sweet is Kellan’s fashion line. “My line is not the girly girl line,” he said. ”It’s a comfortable line and that’s how I live my life. I want to be comfortable. I can still be tough. I can still run.”

Actually, Robert Pattinson talked to him about doing his own line, too. Kellan added, “He was like, ‘I should do one’ and he found out I was doing one and he was like, ‘really?’ He wants to do one, too. We called it “Rags By Rob” or something like that. He’s always so hipster.” Read more
Ted also wrote about this. Apparently, Kellan talked to the press last night at the WWE SummerSlam Party.

And on learning to play the guitar "I got a couple of books and some iPad apps, but I get to work with Rob and Jackson [Rathbone] on all these movies, who are brilliant musicians," he said. "I get to learn from talented people. LA Times
Long live hobo hipsters! lol Can you just imagine?
Rob was kidding, of course.
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