RobSten FanVid: Fear of Heights. Proud/Protective R/K

From Libenet "This is such an intimate vid for me. It's very close to my heart because as much as I ADORE Robsten, I know how flawed they are. Like all of us. But that's the beauty of their love ; they complete each other. Each one of them just KNOWS how to make the other feel happy and...complete. They're actually extremely proud of the other, regardless of their flaws. I really sincerely LOVE that about them. And also envy it a little ;) In a very loving way. Because what they have is SO rare!

And that's why i wanted this to go to Khou. Because she's so precious to us, her SLS :D We love you bday Girl!! And we missed you so much, you just have NO FREAKIN'IDEA!! I know it's not the 24th yet, but we don't want to miss our BO bday ;))) *MOUAAAAAH* from the 3 of us honey :)"

Happy birthday Khou, our dear Kowalski in a hula skirt. lol