K-11 Wraps filming. Cast and Crew talk about MamaStew

Collage of the cast including MamaStew with Claire Sinclair.

K-11 already wrapped principal filming. Woot! for director, Jules Stewart. Since our last update about the film was when Cameron Stewart joined the cast, here's a roundup of what's been shared online during the month-long (more or less) production.

Below are tweets about K-11's last day and sweet words about MamaStew and the production. Compiled by K-11MovieFansite

Rocker/musician CraigOwens "Sleepover at Jules Stewart's. Never have I met someone so creative, driven, generous, funny and down right BADASS. LOVE her!! #K11 Get stoked!

Tweets about the last dayMarkus_Redmond On the set of K-11, time went by way too fast. Thank you, Jules Stewart. You are fantastical! To my K-11 peeps, thank you. In the deepest sense of the words and the bottom of my heart. This ain't goodbye, it's just how we met. #K11. @KstewAngel Jules is generous, innovative and beyond brilliant as a director. Big thanks to our fearless leader, Jules Stewart, the crew and the Real K-11 Twitter Posse for the super support on a great day! #K11
August 20th "K-11!! We are having a wrap party, honey!! Can't wait to see the Posse!"

BillyMorrison F*ck. Wrapped. Now what? This feels shitty. Just said goodbye to some VERY cool people on K-11. And Jules Stewart is simply awesome. Last day of shooting for the K-11 posse. I'm gonna miss this sh*t. Older tweets. Don't want this movie to wrap - feel like I've been shooting it for months and everyone is family. Once more unto the breach for K-11. People are starting to get picture-wrapped on K-11. Feeling sad that it's coming to an end. But what an amazing experience it's been.

DBSweeney Wrapped on #K11 today. They are targeting Berlin Film Fest for debut. I think this ones worth the price of admission. (The festival runs from February 9 -19 in 2012)
Variety hinted K-11's "likely preem at Berlin next year" last March.

Costume Department/_Krystyn Wrapped #k11 tonight...Had such a great time working on this movie and; met some really amazing ppl.

August 19, 2011 ammishelle #k11 is done, I feel like its the end of summer camp. It's happy and exciting, but its really sad. Wrap party tomorrow :) :)

Jay Mewes wrapped K-11 August 13th That's a wrap on K-11 for mewes.

BillyMorrison talks about K-11 and Jules on his blog entry " The movie itself looks simply stunning, and trust me when I say you’re going to want to see this thing. Some of the performances have been really intense, and I hope that I threw myself in at the deep end and went for my scenes with even a fraction of the commitment that the other members of the cast displayed.  And witnessing writer/director Jules Stewart command the set is something that I will never forget. She is the real deal, a force to be reckoned with, and is a fierce talent."

Kate del Castillo
who plays Mousey talks about her role

Actor PJ Byrne talks about working in K-11
I’m also working on K11 with Jules Stewart, who is Kristen Stewart’s mom. DB Sweeney and Goran Visnjic are in it. It’s a pretty intense movie – a really serious, hardcore drama. I like to mix it up.

E!OnLine July 28th "The role Kristen was supposed to play is described as "a beautiful young waif named Butterfly" who, get this, is a transgender man. And to the actress playing Butterfly now—that's Portia Doubleday—we wish you luck, babe! You've got some big, Stewart shoes to fill."

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