Bel Ami Updates. Not on For TIFF. Possible Play in Berlin

Earlier, we got info that Bel Ami will not be shown at the Baltic Pearl FilmFest as earlier reported, now here are more news...

@Gossipgyal Confirmed that 'Bel Ami' will not be shown at #TIFF11. It was initially supposed to but will definitely not be shown NOW. It definitely looks like Bel Ami will be released in 2012. Bel Ami film dates had changed which meant that the festivals which were meant to show Bel Ami will not show the film. The information about 'Bel Ami' not being shown at TIFF11 was told by the producers to a festival organizer.

More from @Gossipgyal - About Berlin Film Festival  Bel Ami: "We were told by producers that their plan is to show it on festival in Berlin and therefore it can not be presented in the program. I am sorry,but there is nothing settled there yet" Berlin festival is 9th-19th Feb 2012. Personally, I can see this happening. The movie tie in book is released on 26th January... the book and film has to coincide with the release.

via Twilightish