A Sweet Rob Story - If true.

TheSunUK  MOVIE vampire Robert Pattinson stunned a busking tramp – by buying him a new guitar.
The warm-hearted Twilight star had spotted the down-and-out's tatty acoustic as he put money in a collection tin.

Minutes later R-Patz, 25, who plays cold-blooded Edward Cullen, emerged from a music store with an electric guitar for himself and the red acoustic for the man. The British actor's generosity was witnessed in Los Angeles by holidaymakers Luke Jones and girlfriend Kirsty Rowlands, 22.

Builder Luke, 24, of Bridgend, South Wales, said: "We were gobsmacked when he handed the acoustic guitar to the tramp.

"Robert quickly went back to his car and drove off.
"The busker was totally shell-shocked. He had no idea who Robert was – I think he thought the guitar was stolen.
"He was looking left and right, half expecting the police to arrest him. We asked him to play but he couldn't get his thoughts together."

R-Patz, worth around £32million, plays piano and guitar.
via victoria1985

Ok now, do we fault 'holidaymakers Jones and Rowlands' because they chose The Sun, a UK tabloid to share their story? lol Well, did it sound less legit? lol Whatever. Real or not. This is a sweet story. And coincides with Rob's latest trip at Norman's - we can at least commend the tab's research guys if they were making this up. lol

The 'tramp' mentioned here is not like the American 'tramp' ok? lol More like a homeless person to our Brit friends.

Googled, Luke Jones yes, he is a 'Builder in Bridgend' At the very least a real person. :)