Possible Ninja Sighting: Kristen at DieselUK Party?

This site, AlaMale.com mentioned that Kristen was at the Diesel Island Ambassadors Party.

"It was Carnival madness within the confines of 8 Chepstow Villas yesterday afternoon with an exclusive house and garden party to really make the most of the bank holiday weekend. There's nothing better than seeing journalists and stylists in a drunken mess - so amusing. But no judgement here of course!

Notable guests included Kristen Stewart - sorry no R.Patz - Jaime Winstone, Nick Grimshaw, Florence Welch, Vanessa White and probably more that I missed during the bass-heavy debauchery. A fun Sunday no doubt - shoes are ruined but on a plus I will be doing some fabulous cooking with Diesel branded olive oil . . ."

From lasagarobsten/malenacasey, May or may not be Kristen. *squints really hard* lol Sorry but I can't really tell.
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Tweets about the sighting...
@mishchips "Omg Kirsten Stewart from Twilight was just here!!!!" August 29th
@scallop_cheeks @JoeTheDough @misterjk I want to say no but... It's *v* notting hill and v awesome. Jamie Winstone is DJing off Nick Grimshaw.
@Lucy_Stew not with r-patz! She was with another girl I didn't recognise.

marccullum1-AlaMale.com "Kristen Stewart fans going wild for the the @Diesel_UK Ambassadors party news on A La Male - shame I didn't snap a photo :P"

HannaHanra "did anyone else see Kristen Stewart at the @Diesel_UK House Party at yesterday's #carnival??"
@richardstorer @diesel_uk apparently so, in a hoody in the kitchen. A few people saw her...."

Diesel_UK@richardstorer @HannaHanra YES she was there! Kristen Stewart spotted: @Diesel_UK Ambassadors House Party

Though the organizer, RicharedStoner(Head of PR and Comm, Diesel) didn't really see her.
HannaHanra @diesel_uk ERM NO?! was she really there? Was she hiding or something?!!

And cupidscloud explains, "Jamie Winston was a guest at Diesal along with Kristen - shes daughter of Ray Winston aka SWATH dwarf :D"

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