Separate R/K Sightings. Rob spotted at Adele's Concert in LA. Kristen in Reading?

ETA:  Rob was spotted at the Adele Concert last night at the Greek Theater in LA. If true, we may have a serious Adele-fanboy going on here. lol  Last May there were also tweets that Rob attended her Toronto concert .  Again, tweets are at least 3 hours old, I just made the caps earlier. Thanks to all the lovely Twitter girls who RTed them.  I'm glad Rob enjoyed himself some heavenly Adele music... maybe pictures will pop up later? A week from now? A year from now? lol

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@tvtoni Robert Pattinson in the green room at Adele. #teamedward
irabrianmiller Robert Pattinson to the left of me and Christina Aguilera to the right of me at @OfficialAdele.

JessayLightt Spotted: Robert Pattinson (the one and only Edward Cullen but more importantly, Cedric Digory) standing 2 feet away backstage at Adele.

Massacre Robert Pattinson and Gordon (Ramsay) both were at Adele's concert at The Greek tonight.

Other possible sightings...
August 15th. Tweets are at least 3 hours old.
Rob in LA miaohmywhedon Just walked past Robert Pattinson on the Sony lot. If I were a Twilight fan I would be freaking out way more right now. Oh well.

Dunno who posted this at popsugar (?) "Robert Pattinson was at Sony Studios in Los Angeles today recording, just wanted to let everyone know what he is up to... We miss him, oh and his hair is growing back very nicely.Looking like his old self again, georgous."

and Kristen   CountryOiK from Reading, UK "Busy day lunching with friends over from KL and meeting Kristen Stewart but the highlight is definitely celebrating with @LinseyLedge."

More tweets... older ones... Rob spotted at the Soho House in LA the other night 1 2
via spunk_ransom @sscth

Since we didn't get a sweet pic today. I'm lamely re-posting this E/B pic which looks more like an R/K pic anyway. lol

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