Another Photoshoot for Kristen?


From BeautyBaseLondon's Facebook "Elias Hove needs an assistant tomorrow for Kirsten Stewart from Twilight! "

"Elias Hove needs an assistant to stay for the 2nd shoot after Kirsten Stewart's at XXX Studio from Dazed and Confused magazine. Luke Freeman is the photographer."
via Alice_InTwiland / whf_violet

Check out makeup artist's Elias Hove's site and photog, Luke Freeman's site

Update! More clues...Thanks @girlyinthenorth
JenniferDickinson-ElleUK "Sorry, giving away other mags covers is forbidden. I think you'll see 2 Brit covers over Dec, one expected, one unusual. And it's the unusual one shooting (I believe the other will syndicate). Isn't she here filming right now anyway?"