Possible Ninja Sighting: Kristen at the Playstation Event in London?


DolphGB So, there I am at the #PlayStation event in London, and Kristen Stewart walks by. @Nixemus saw her too, so I know I wasn't imagining things. No smiles @Majiesto. She was her usual self. A little ball of awkward shyness and bewilderment. cc/ @Nixemus :-)
@pattstew24 With some friends I think. It was in London. She came and went pretty quickly. cc/ @Nixemus
@Lucy_Stew About 2 hours ago I guess.
@flippyluv About 2 hrs ago. She was there to experience the PunchDrunk 'shock theatre' event put on to help launch Resistance 3 on PS3
@Lucy_Stew We were asked not to, but a pro was there to take shots so just search the Interwebs tomorrow I guess.

NixemusWhat a night! Kristen Stewart AND Nathan Stewart-Jarrett at the same place! And all thanks to #PlayStationAccess and @MusterBuster!

Another sighting, 'unfriendly' though

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Like the guy said, professional photogs were around to cover the event. Hopefully, pics will pop up. Maybe here at the Playstation Access Official FB