SWATH Update: Tweets, Set Pics and Fan Accounts

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Compiled by fiercebitchstew. Pics via: TeamKstEUw More pics at fiercebitchstew.
Updates and Kristen mentions via tweets from the Cast and Crew and some fan accounts (via tweets) all under the CUT
Updated added a few more tweets.

From Cast and Crew

August 27, 2011 PalaksPatel @SmarterThanIWas: @palakspatel Are you going to make it to TIFF this year?” Be in London for #SWATH but go see The Oranges and The Day!
“@Tammi67MI: @palakspatel Glad all is going well! Isn't our Snow White GORGEOUS on the cover of W Magazine!! Yes!
@robismyheroe: @palakspatel You've had the pleasure to meet Robert Pattinson? Met him at awards show briefly once over a year ago.
“You've had the pleasure to meet Robert Pattinson? @palakspatel: Yes, great guy. Very genuine
“@stewza: @palakspatel did you see Mr.Pattinson in the set of SWATH?” No more Rob questions. Met him once long time ago. He wouldn't know me

August 27, 2011Mooreao My shoot dates for filming #SWATH have been moved to October. Boo! Was looking forward to it! @SWATH4Fans
Agh, if I was available from Sept - Dec I could have been Chris Hemsworth's body double in Snow White and the Huntsman! (August 27, 2011) Film shoot till December? Uhmm.

Cecily Fay  "Rehearsals going well. I met Thor yesterday, awesome."August 27, 2011
"loads of stunt horse riders in this week, serious action!"

Ashley Beck "Awesome week, some nice fight beats today with some cool actors, its been long days but well worth it! Home for the weekend ;)"
"Well, first day back on rehearsals and not too long days again, still got a lot of work to do tho, will keep you posted :)"
"No problem... I have met Kristen, however Robert is not on this movie as far as i know"
"Pretty much yeah, but we also rehearse thing that will be shot later on, like months in advanced."
"Met Nick Frost today, awesome guy!"
"Well, had an interesting week rehearsing and met a few cool actors including Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Nick Frost And Chris Hemsworth! :)"
"Yeah we did some rehearsing with her the other week :)" (Kristen)
"Thanks, i think she is busy filming :)" (Kristen)

Duncan Mais "Back on set ready to finish the big battle! Feeling a little bruised this morning"

Lee Craven "Just seen the snow white and huntsman set. Dam is gonna be big."
"On set nice and early 2mor. Great day it will be too."

Sam Clafin final shoot day of #WhiteHeat. It's been emotional. Thanks y'all. From tomorrow it's all about #SWATH. "CUS-TARD".(August 27, 2011)
"last week of #WhiteHeat... Then turning all my attention to #SWATH. Cannae wait to get started"
"Enroute to @PinewoodStudios for my final workout whilst filming #WhiteHeat. It's been more than emotional. Not sure how I'm still standing?"

Craig Garner "Need to get packing for pinewoods tmoz. It all starts for on #SWATH 14weeks in a hotel. Hope I don't go crazy, x"
"not on set yet, I can't reveal all I'm afraid. X"

Zac Danvers "Yep I'm going to be i'n another feature film! Pinewood studios here I come! Watch out for Snow White and the Huntsman! Coming out 2012!"
"#SWATH costume fitting could be anyway starting tomorrow... #cannotwait"

Jess LiaudinFrom his blog:
"As soon as I returned home, I went to work on "Snow White and the Huntsman" alongside the stunt team. This had horses galloping straight into us with soldiers waving shields and swords and we had to follow up with a battle scene. It was pretty hard as I had to get up at 4am most mornings, and then drive for 90 minutes to the set and then work for 12hrs with awkward and uncomfortable armour and then drive home. But it was a great experience and I made some very good contacts on set. I have been asked to do some other work on the film but I had to decline as I have already missed quite a few classes at the gym and had been let down by some of the cover teachers, I can't afford to mess up with my job too much and filming isn't my full time job yet."

Fan Accounts

And according to SWATHFansiteChris Hemsworth is now in London
thisisphilip "Served Chris Hemsworth tonight. You know, Thor. What a man. I bumbled like a schoolgirl. Made me wet. #mancrush"

darrenpstone"back at the #SWATH set where they keep firing up the black smoke. its all horse related stuff either all charging off or walking in a line"
"evening visit to the #SWATH set. battle scenes taking place between armoured up soldiers on armoured up horses. filming until 9pm tonigh"

sophiemurf  k stew filming at black park in 4 weeks for definite :)"

Jesm30 "these trees r amazing, the trunks r made with polystyrene and then real tree branches added! They've taken 3 weeks so far!" More of her pics from the set   at SWATHFansite-Weebly

Also thanks to SWATHFansiteBlogspot SWATHFansiteWeebly