Possible Ninja Sighting. Rob Partied with Andrew Garfield?

Neima_PD "Lol man... party with rob pattinson and andrew garfield those boys r wild dnt b suprised if u see em rockin   via @sparkybitchface
(Prolly Andrew's birthday party? Spidey turned 28y/o August 20th)

Taryn of Celebuzz hinted of a "private party" a few days ago.
"Pattinson is expected to still be in LA this weekend at a private party, but hopefully he will get back home and to his girlfriend soon enough!"

There was also another party in LA...K-11 had their wrap party last night, as well. Maybe they dropped by at MamaStew's party? Seriously, hoping for this. lol Right darling lala? 

Its also kinda weird that we only have one tweet about this 'party', if true at all. Must be really 'private' lol. Maybe we'll have more legit sightings soon, hoping for one 'across the pond'.