Two Years and Counting - Bloggie Birthday Bash!

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Hey guys, its the blog's 2nd birthday! Yey! Once again, I would like to thank all of you who made blogging so much fun. I'm grateful that you've been sharing your days (and nights) with me, fangirling about Rob and Kristen. I will always be forever thankful from the bottom of my RobSten heart. *happy sappy tears*

To make the day extra memorable, my soulsistahs, Sunny, Khou, and Lib made a very special video just for this special day. Enjoy lovelies! Here's to you beautiful people, both ladies and the unis! Cheers!

From Libenet, thanks for the very sweet dedication guys. "From your SKL : Happy Birthday to, the cutest 2-years-old baby we've ever seen on the Net! We met S. about 2 years ago, and we've been friends since then. But we've become CLOSE friends about one year and half ago, when we formed the SKLS private club :)
Sunny, Khou and I just ADORE every single thing you're doing with the blog, the way you're managing it. And it seems like we're just THOUSANDS to think/feel so!  There is no other place in the world where we'd rather be.
We love you S. Happy birthday to your AMAZING baby, sweetheart. The absolute and ultimate BEST ever. *Group Tight Hug* :)"

Added the cute collage from Robsteners. Thanks also to Maka for baking us a cake! So sweet! Oh, another one from Vivian. Thanks girls!
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Guys, thanks so much for all the lovely messages. I'm so overwhelmed, really. Hugs to all of you. Aww I'm all emo now. lol
Again, rare times. lol To read comments 201+ click 'newer' at the top of the comments box. Thanks again guys, I don't think I can thank all of you enough.
Reader NaturesAutumn made this... check out your names. Really sweet! Thanks.