New/Old FanPics of Rob

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Old/new fanpics of Rob from 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2011. Lovingly compiled by Mandy of RPLife. Thanks hun!

Tons after the CUT

At Collectormania in 2006.   source:lunglockTumblr Really sweet.
So, this is me and Robert Pattinson (February 2006). Pre-Twilight, I’d like to point out (very much NOT a Twilight fan). My friends and I met him at Collectormania in Manchester. It was a Sunday morning, and his queue for autograph signing was empty. So I went up, paid my £10 for a his-res print of him as Cedric Diggory, and went over to talk to him.

He looked exhausted and you could tell he’d spent the whole weekend signing autographs - when no one is around he signed ones to be sold on the online store. He had a cup of coffee in front of him and a bleary look in his eyes. He’s a very sweet, down to earth guy. I have no doubt he’s remained this way. He spoke to us for about 10 minutes, just about where we’d come from (Swansea, in Wales). He said he’d been there once, then a few minutes later corrected himself. I can’t remember where he was talking about, but he pointed out they both started with ‘S’ (easy mistake, Robert!).

He signed my picture and I asked for a picture with him. As he stood up and put his arm around me, he said ‘Sorry if I stink’. He smelt like coffee! Overall I left thinking ‘What a great guy’. I’m really glad I got to meet him before the Twilight hype, because I doubt he’d be at a convetion without being swamped the whole damn time.

Rob on Ryan Seacrest -2008 source- jessicachunny

How to Be at the Austin Film Festival, 2008  source:shoobywoobylooby

From the Eclipse Premiere - 2010 source

NYC Premiere - 2011Twilightish

From the Water for Elephants Sydney Premiere - 2011. Fan encounter at the  source

From the Cosmopolis set - 2011 Fan encounter at the source