Michael Welch Defends Kristen and Rob

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It aint easy being Robsten—what with the media speculation, people watching and evaluating their every move, having to keep their noses clean and sound bites friendly. Hell, being Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is a full-time job outside of their day job acting in flicks.

Which is why Michael Welch, a personal pal to both young stars as well as a costar in all of the Twilight flicks, isn't envious of the backlash that K.Stew and R.Pattz get, but is quick to defend them both:

On Kristen:
"Look, I certainly see what she was getting at in terms of feeling violated," Michael explains, having hung around the gal during press tours and paparazzi galore. "Obviously it was an over-the-top comment...It's tough to navigate in this world like what is necessarily appropriate or not.

"I can just tell you in that particular case, I see what she was getting at. It's obviously not a comment that can be defended. But she apologized for it and I mean, she's kind of put into a different position than the rest of us."

"I can just tell you, knowing Kristen, that she is, I think, very misunderstood in a lot of ways," Mike dishes about his pal. "And an incredibly sweet and talented and hard-working and really fun and funny person when you really get to know her and sort of get past all that other stuff. She's really cool."

"There's definitely some paparazzi on set. It's a little distracting, to say the least," he says of the constant photogs who hang around the Vancouv set just hopping to snap a pic of the Twilight stars canoodling off-camera.

On rumors surrounding Rob
"I remember being in the hair and make-up trailer—they always have just a lot of magazines and stuff...and every single one of them had like Rob on the cover and had all these crazy—like a lot of just things that just aren't true."

"I mean, I know these people, they're my friends, we've all been through this journey together. None of us were famous going into this and I can tell you that, at least half of what I've seen out there, particularly about Rob is completely not true."