The Yellow Handkerchief Director, Udayan Prasad Talks About Kristen

Director Udayan Prasad was born in India, but moved to Britain at the age of nine.His new movie, The Yellow Handkerchief, which was shot in 2007, takes place in Louisiana following hurricane Katrina.
Can you talk about casting Kristen Stewart? This was way before Twilight.
Kristen wasn’t the household name she’s subsequently become. We saw a lot of actors for her role. People walk into a room and you remember them either by the use of notes you’ve made, which is usually a bad, and then there are people who you remember because there was something striking about them, or they were clearly very talented. Occasionally, somebody walks into a room and you get this sense that someone special has walked in, and Kristen did that.

She was so nervous the first time she came. She wasn’t even 17 when I met her. There was something very focused about he; something centered. She knew herself in a way that was quite intimidating. This young girl is so sure of life in a way that I still don’t think I’m sure of life. We worked on the script and it was clear she was going to be a frontrunner without any question. She came back and we did some more work and there was no doubt (about her casting) really.
Kristen and Eddie are very special talents. Eddie is an extremely serious actor. He’s coming to Broadway next month for a play called, Red, where he gives an absolutely mesmeric performance, as he does in all his work. Actually, it would be a great idea to put Kristen and Eddie into a Shakespeare (play) or something like that.

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I would also love to see Kristen in a Shakepeare-project. That will be exhilirating!