RobSten Spotted Having Dinner In NYC?

There was an alleged Rob and Kristen sighting last night, Feb 28. Somebody tweeted about it 'real-time'. Okay friends, I will have to say this again. I hope people would refrain from tweeting in real time the locations of Rob and Kristen if you happen to chance upon them. I know its cute and all but they deserve respect and privacy and indicating their location is just totally "uncool". Tweet if you may but please do NOT give out exact locations. I think that's fair enough, right?

"Sitting next to beautiful couple rob pattinson and kristen stewart plus entourage at locanda verde tribeca. But are they really a couple?

She's wearing a hoodie and t-shirt. He's wearing a white plain t-shirt with black ski cap. They look adorable, sitting close/next to each other in a long booth. She whispered something in his ear, they both giggled. It's so cute. Don't want to take a photo and ruin their moment with pals."