Rob and Kristen Spotted in London Last Night?

Rob and Kristen were said to be enjoying the London "pub scene" last night, February 23. This was said to be after Kristen graced the Burberry show, as tweeted by Mr. N. Clark. I hope he doesn't tweet their location the next time, if he gets to hang with "the Twilight Crew" again.

"In The Marquis of Granby with Nigel Huddleston, not to mention Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart!! "

'Twilight Crew' has now left - just Tories left I'm afraid...

"Yes, they were together at pub around corner from Burberry HQ after the Prorsum Fashion Week event. A couple of kisses- Left in separate cars"

"from what I saw just a couple of kisses on lips. They didn't seem that amorous generally but friendly all the same."


I also heard some buzz that Rob will be in the US this weekend and I think the invitation by Unscripted for your questions for their Remember Me Special somewhat confirms this. This will be a part of the NY press junket for the movie. And let's not forget that the Remember Me New York premiere will be on March 1st. I hope Kristen goes directly from London to NY with him. Well, to dream...

Er guys, I'm sorry if you have mistaken the tweet source to be Noel Clarke who was BAFTA's Rising Star last year, and a new pal of our baby girl Kristen. Just to clear it up, his full name is Nicolas Clark, and he is a Conservative Council Candidate. I intentionally didn't indicate his full name to save him from the barrage of inquiries, so I just indicated, Mr. N. Clark. Sorry, my bad.