Taste Of The Runaways Soundtrack

Hey sweeties! My lovie Everblue, compiled these songs (via youtube) that are included in the The Runaways Soundtrack. Amazing, right? Now we can have a taste on what to expect on March 16(digital release) and 23( physical release) when the The Official Runaways Soundtrack hits the market. As you know, tracks 9 and 10 were recorded and performed by Kristen and Dakota. So here's a taste... so you'll be familiar with these two The Runaways tracks before the movie hits the theaters on March 19. Enjoy! Thanks again to Everblue!

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I cannot wait to hear Kristen and Dakota's version...

9. The Queen of Noise- The Runaways

10. Dead End Justice

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1. Roxy Roller
2. The Wild One
3. A Man's Man's Man's World- NO LINK
4. Rebel Rebel
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Hollywood
7. California Paradise
8. You Drive Me Wild
11. I Wanna Be Your Dog
12.I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are
13. Pretty Vacant
14. Don't Abuse Me