I know you don't like surprises..but still!

"It's a very special gift to a VERY special person.
We love you Shaui. Really and most sincerely. Happy Birthday sweetie."
-Khou, Sunny & Libenet-
(plus me, Tish!)
So, this is what my baby Tish and stealthy friends, Khou, Sunny and Lib, have been up to! LOL Thank you soooo much! From the bottom of my RobSten heart! I am so overwhelmed, yeah, Kristen-overwhelmed. I'm at a loss for words. If you gave me a trophy, I would surely sent it flying by now. Haha! This is so us, the Friends theme, GG, and Balki and cousin, Larry's Dance of Joy!
I can't really ask for more, with Rob's HB greeting and Kristen's BAFTA speech, yeah, I knew it. That was directed to me, just me LOL. Oh, I luv our little coven of RobSten crazies. You guys amaze me! You , sneaky little ninja penguins, you. Now, return those ninja suits to Rob and Kristen so they can enjoy NYC , too. LOL
Seriously, I have mentioned this a couple of times before and I will never get tired of telling you guys again and again. Thank you for being with me in this wonderful RobSten journey. I am having a blast blogging/living it with you all. And for the record, we are not "obsessed"*snort*. Evilbitch laugh! Hugs and kisses all around...