Kristen Believable as Joan Jett

This is just an excerpt of review of The Runaways. Thanks to KstewAngel for the link.

"The infamous Joan Jett is played, with surprising believability, by the “Twilight” queen herself, Kristen Stewart. Starring in two movies at Sundance 2010, including this film and another where she plays a teenage stripper, Stewart is starting to show she can hold her own on-screen. Coached by Jett herself throughout the filming, Stewart gets the nuances and look of Jett down in such a way that it is a believable younger version of the rocker, complete with her semi-hunched shoulders, and jet-black shaggy hair. Cherie Currie is played with equal passion by the all-grown-up Dakota Fanning who appears on-screen with Stewart for a second time (Fanning also briefly stars in “Twilight: New Moon”). The rest of “The Runaways” are somewhat forgettable, as the film focuses in on Jett and Currie as the centerpieces of the band, and the story itself."