Kristen: "My Life Is Very Good". Talks About Her New Movie and Rob

BettyConfidential Kristen Stewart thanks her lucky stars every day. Even though the Twilight actress has got the paparazzi hounding her every move — especially now that they are trying oh-so hard to capture her and rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson canoodling — she doesn’t dare grumble. “I love when people complain about how horrible it is to be famous,” says the 19-year-old, calling from her suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, where she’s promoting her new drama The Yellow Handkerchief. “On the outside, it looks like my life is hell. But I get to work with great people who are amazing and then go hang out with them. My life is very good.”

How did the role in The Yellow Handkerchief come about for you?
For me, it was a real typical situation. I read the script and it made me sick, just sick, to think that I might not be able to play the part. Then I met the director, auditioned and actually got the part.

You seem shocked. You're a big star now!
Oh man, you never know. But when something becomes solid, it's like you've been given this immense responsibility. This is a character I love.

Tell us about playing Martine, a troubled Southern teen who goes on a road trip with two complete strangers.
I saw this girl to be overly tender and an emotional person. She is doing everything she can to hide that. She is running from something and is disappointed by guys and the people around her.

Like who?
She doesn't have the greatest relationship with her dad. But she remains a strong-minded, stubborn person.

Is it true that Jodie Foster, who you worked with years ago in Panic Room, recommended you for this role?
I just learned that today. Our producer has known her for years. Thank you, Jodie
Is it weird to play someone who is not Bella?
It's funny because that is a really relevant question from an outsider's perspective. It seems like Twilight is the biggest thing in my career in terms of getting attention and making such a wave. I've found it's not weird to play another character because the experience of making a film is the same. It's the character who is unique and different.

Besides, you filmed this before the first Twilight movie.
I did Yellow Handkerchief a year and a half before Twilight. So I'm not rebelling against Bella. I'm just doing something new, unique and personal.

What do you do when you hear good news, like getting the role in The Yellow Handkerchief? Call a girlfriend? Yell and scream?
I just get really excited. But then fear sets in. I don't know if I can do it. But the moment is exciting and then fear sets in. First, I go, “Yes! My God, I can do this!”
Do you really have doubts about your abilities?
I get those doubts before I do every scene. I go, “What are we doing… Oh, my God.” If it's something you really care about, it's scary.

How are you handling the fact that you're internationally famous and can't just walk into McDonald’s without causing a frenzy?
In terms of making concessions, it's not that bad. The coolest thing in the world about this kind of fame is that people actually want to see your movies. But I don't take a lot of credit for Twilight. Whoever got to play Bella Swan would be in the position I'm in now.

So what’s really going on with you and Robert. Are you dating?
The whole rumor tabloid stuff is so obviously false to me and I knew it was false even before I became a part of it. It has been like some sort of ridiculous show. It's like a soap opera, but filled with false realism. I don't take it personally. It might seem real to fans, but it isn't.

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Her answer to the Rob Q sounds "old", recycled perhaps?
Whatever you say baby girl! I will not even try to mince your answer. You're entitled to protect yourself and everything you hold dear. Fans respect that. Love you even more, Kristen.