Kristen: Vogue's Next Cover Girl?

LaineyGossip reports
"My sources tell me exclusively that Stewart’s presence at London Fashion Week is no accident. Anna Wintour is there. They are meeting. Similar to how Wintour was with Rachel McAdams, they are working out the details for Stewart’s ... VOGUE COVER. Should be dropping around the release of Eclipse. There was some discussion and negotiation around the interview – while Vogue is by no means as dishy as, say, Vanity Fair, they are pushing for more substance in addition to the expected style profile. And Stewart has been reluctant to open up personally. Wintour will try to dictate, Stewart will push back. The tension could lead to an awesome collaboration."]
I will not anymore post her dishing on Rob, and her not-so-nice take on Kristen's BAFTA outfit. All I hear and read are blah blah, anyway!