Kristen Named Elle UK's Woman OF the Year

Watch the ELLE Style Awards tonight!
By Emma Sells Posted: Mon 22 Feb 2010

We're so excited - this year's ELLE Style Awards kicks off in just a few hours and we can hardly wait. And we'll be posting the first of our behind-the-scenes films tonight.

Click back just after 11pm and you'll be able to watch all the red carpet arrivals, so you don't have to find out who was there and what they were wearing- we've seen the guestlist, you won't want to miss it.

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Still in London, baby!

I am so elated that Kristen is being welcomed warmly in the UK. After winning in the BAFTA Orange Awards as Rising Star another recognition is given to our baby girl and this time by the fashion people from ElleUK. I seriously think the British people are so charmed by her and I can't blame them. Well, its not a secret that she has worked through the heart of England's, oh sorry, the world's hottest vampire*wink*. Because Kristen is not all just beauty and talent, she is all about pure heart and being "real". I can't help but be proud of her. Oh group hug everyone! Btw, I miss all of you!