Kristen and Eddie Talk Burgers, Brits, and Babies - Popeater Interview

Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne Talk Burgers, Brits and Babies
There's a new leading man in town for Kristen Stewart: British actor Eddie Redmayne. The two star in 'The Yellow Handkerchief,' a coming-of-age tale about a group of outsiders who take to the highway with no destination in mind.

Filming most of the scenes in New Orleans, Redmayne reveals he and Stewart instantly clicked on set and added her 'Twilight' fame hasn't turned her into a diva, as some tabloids have reported. "Anyone who says she's a nightmare to work with" is wrong, he told PopEater. "She's wonderful."

While on the phone with PopEater, the co-stars discussed their first impressions, their diet of crawfish, beignets and burgers and how they plan to make tabloid headlines next week.

Eddie, were you intimidated by Kristen because she's this big superstar?
Eddie: I was pretty intimidated by the whole prospect of the film, playing an adopted Native American.
Kristen: Opposite Kristen Stewart.
Eddie: I think I was more scared of getting my accent right than I was about my leading lady.

Did she ignore you the first three weeks of filming?
E: No, she's wonderful... I was by myself in New Orleans and Kristen was there with her family. They properly took me under their wing. I was even made a quasi member of the family for Mother's Day. They were incredibly lovely to me. We hit it off pretty much from the word go.

So this call is to announce your engagement, right?
E: Hell yeah.

So we'll see the wedding on the cover of People next week?
E: Guaranteed.
K: Just as soon as I have Rob's baby.

'The Yellow Handkerchief' is a road trip movie. Do you have any favorite road trip movies?
K: Umm, oh my goodness, can you think of one.
E: 'Thelma and Louise.'
K: Yeah, that's a good one. I guess 'Motorcycle Diaries.'
E: Oh, that's a good one. Can I piggyback onto the back of that one?

Kristen, this is a smaller movie. Is that a refreshing change?
K: To promote the movies is startlingly different, but to make the movies it's the same. Publicity for big movies is just more hectic but you're still talking about the same stuff.

Do you ever get tired talking about fame and yourself?
K: It's funny. People always complain about being asked the same questions but you always do think of a different answer. I like press because it sort of forces you to think about stuff you don't normally think about, especially about the movies you've made and how you feel about them now after so much time has gone by. I don't like it when in the question is inserted the journalist's opinion, like, 'Oh you must hate it,' and its like, wow, really no. How do you snap back from that because then it sounds like you're being argumentative. So that does get tiring.

Eddie has a very posh accent. Were you intimidated by it, Kristen?
E: That's my favorite question I've heard all year!
K: Yeah, you know he was the first Brit I was ever sort of friends with and then I realized in meeting a couple more of them that they've all got the same scary vocabulary that he does.

And he went to Eton.
K: He's a smart guy, you know.

Eddie, did you go to school with Prince William?
E: I did actually... He was in my year. I haven't seen him since school, but he's a lovely boy and a good man.
K: S**t, I didn't know you went to school with Prince William.

How was the food on the film?
E: Are you kidding? We were in New Orleans. We had a diet of crawfish and beignets.
K: I think I could have eaten 16 double double burgers in a day.

What's a double double?
K: A huge cheeseburger..
Baby girl is trying to be funny. So cute!